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Our History

Church Altar

Church History

Hunt’s Memorial United Methodist Church is one of the oldest Methodist churches in America with a history that begins before the American Revolutionary War.  As early as 1773, a Methodist Society began meeting at the home of Phineas Hunt, who owned a tract of land between Brooklandville and Riderwood known as Beall’s Discovery. In 1780, when the congregation had grown too large for the Hunt family home, Phineas gave a part of his land for the erection of a log chapel. By 1826 the congregation had once again outgrown its place of worship and a larger log building was erected.  In 1874, approximately 100 years after Phineas Hunt opened his home for Methodist meetings, the cornerstone was laid for the building of a permanent two-story stone structure. Three years later the stone chapel was completed which is the core of the present day church building.  The structure has been rebuilt and renovated over the years, but throughout, the historical nature of this landmark church has been preserved.  In 1976, Hunt’s Memorial United Methodist Church was designated as an historical site in Maryland and received a roadside marker which is located at the Joppa Road side of the Church.

Hunt’s Church is a church with a friendly congregation of various religious backgrounds and traditions. The congregation has had uninterrupted existence since 1773 and takes joy in its fellowship and pride in its rich history.  The doors are always open and visitors as well as new members are welcomed with open arms and open hearts.

Kindergarten Classroom

Preschool History

For many years, an independent preschool leased space from Hunt’s Church and operated under the name of Hunt’s School.  In 2006, the church decided to operate a Christian preschool on the premises and in September of 2007, Hunt’s Church Preschool officially opened its doors. Thanks to the generous gifts of time, energy, and money from church members, all of the classrooms and the playground were renovated and refurbished with new furniture, equipment, and supplies. Coupled with a team of dedicated and passionate educators, the renewed facility provides a fresh and welcoming environment for preschoolers.

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